Every Baby Deserves A Healthy Start

The goal of Healthy Start is to reduce infant mortality, reduce the number of low birth weight babies, and improve health and developmental outcomes.

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  • Welcome Kids Central! - Welcome Kids Central! As of October 1, Kids Central Inc. will be the new Healthy Start provider in Hernando County.      
  • A Healthy Start - The summer issue of A Healthy Start is now available. The Bulletin covers topics such as the stages of pregnancy, building a breastfeeding support network and immunizations. See our publications page for a downloadable pdf.    
  • Healthy Start Services for Hernando County - Hernando County RFI. Response due: June 3, 2016. Anticipated evaluation of response: June 6 – 17, 2016. Anticipated posting of award: August 5, 2016. Select headline above to read each attachment: RFI, A, B, C, D, E, F, G              

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