Healthy Start Services

Healthy Start provides one-on-one support to assist you throughout your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby. Your Healthy Start Home Visitor will meet you at your doctor’s office, your home or any place that is convenient for you. She will assist you with services and education to help you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Services include:

Home Visiting

  • Get one-on-one support in your home or another convenient location
  • Count on a friendly advisor throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born
  • Access services that are designed to meet your unique needs

Prenatal Education and Support

  • Understand changes to your body and emotions during pregnancy
  • Learn what to expect during labor and delivery
  • Get information on food, medicine and exercise that can help or harm you and baby
  • Find out the warning signs for early delivery

Breastfeeding Education and Support

  • Learn techniques for successful and enjoyable breastfeeding
  • Get answers to your questions and concerns about breastfeeding
  • Understand how breastfeeding benefits you and your baby

Newborn Care

  • Take care of your new baby
  • Keep baby safe with the latest safety guidelines on sleep, car seats and more
  • Learn about infant nutrition
  • Know what to expect with baby’s growth and development

Parenting Education and Support

  • Prepare for your baby to come home
  • Take care of your new baby
  • Understand the growth and development of your baby
  • Learn new ways to play and connect with your baby

Health and Well-being

  • Plan for future pregnancies
  • Make healthy lifestyles choices for you and your family
  • Gain access to resources for your family
  • Get support for feeling anxious, stressed or having the “Baby Blues”

Be sure to ask your healthcare provider or midwife about Healthy Start or contact your local Healthy Start to learn how you can enroll in the program.